Saturday, December 12, 2009

Conclusions from Cross

With Pete’s nomination to type up a blog I am taking this opportunity to do so. And as Pete I am no better speller than he.
After the Cornell race no other track proved to be as kind to mountain bikes, although the race in North Hampton Mass offered a railroad track crossing which I (James P.) turned into a jump as I followed up the rear. Nonetheless we all raced hard and admired the pros. Conclusions were drawn that these flat barred, wide tired, disc brake mountain bikes were not going to get RIT cycling the points. We turned to Ebay, and by the end of the season RIT cycling had two more racers ready to go on real cross bikes! I personally want to thank Zack for his mobile internet that allowed me to “snipe” a bike at the last minute while driving to a race in Pete’s’ famous van. This trip also lead to our first stay at an Econo Lodge. This hotel/motel deal was well very sketchy at least. Customer service was minimal. And the so called included breakfast…well a rat may have turned down what they offered. The dining did turn around that night when we went out and enjoyed some broasted chicken. I cannot mention this dinner and oversee our waitress’s “chest piercing.” Yes she had a stud of some sort embedded into her sternum, [Google it for more information]
Over the break RIT cycling didn’t stop and binge out on the turkey. With races the weekend before and after races spent their minimal break that should have spent with family off racing bike. Eric drove 2 hours to the Lowell race his first morning home from break! Personally left a note on the counter with a note that said “Couldn’t sleep so I put together my new bike and went to race.” I want to toss out congratulations to Dan Ipp for his first, first place finish at Staten Island Cyclo-cross race the Sunday before we came back from thanksgiving break. The dedication of racing this weekend played a key role in RIT cycling taking 3rd place in division II.
Cross season came to a close this past weekend with a frozen last race in Warwick RI, Three Members of RIT cycling to on the 7 hour venture to the race. Again the team choose to stay at Econo Lodge, making Econo Lodge the home away from home for RIT cycling, well cross riders. This lodge was surprising well kept compared to what we had experience in North Hampton. As always I must mention we did our duty to try some fine dining in Middletown RI, There we found nothing more special than what could be considered a individual restaurant much like a Friendly’s. While we didn’t encounter snow as last year’s race, the temperatures were just as frigid. After the race the lovely student government van provided warmth as we awaited our feet to defrost and results to be posted. When it was possible to wiggle our toes we went to check the results. RIT cycling finished the 2009 cross season taking one and two with another finish gaining points for the team. The one missing piece from the cross season this year was a female racer. But for now we look to train through the “wonderful” winter months of Rochester and be ready for road season.