Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just one of us

This post goes out to the men and women behind the best colligate cycling conference in the world. I have credibility in knowing how great the ECCC is because I raced road last spring in the NCCCC. I don't enjoy coming down hard on that conference because I know the racers of that conference are really trying hard to make it work.
But, to make others realize how great a conference is, you need to look at the top.

I was fortunate enough to offer 5 square feet of my hotel floor to Joe last Saturday night. Knowing Joe was going to be mere inches away from me while I slept gave me hope that he would share amazing bed time stories. That was as far from the truth as saying he was well rested for the opening mountain bike weekend. But who needs sleep when you have hundreds of top of the line number plates to prepare, finish your PhD CS Lab, kiss Caitlin Kopena goodbye, and drive 7 hours.

These new number plates take the ECCC from a kids race to World Championship wanabees.
There is no reason for this except that Joe is a master mind at making me feel pro even when I come in last in a B race.

Little did I know Joe was actually doing what everyone else should be doing that is racing in the ECCC. Little did I know he could be racing in the ECCC rather then pushing papers and making mix tapes out of Sully's loud speaker recordings to listen to on his long drives.

See you at UNH...