Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just one of us

This post goes out to the men and women behind the best colligate cycling conference in the world. I have credibility in knowing how great the ECCC is because I raced road last spring in the NCCCC. I don't enjoy coming down hard on that conference because I know the racers of that conference are really trying hard to make it work.
But, to make others realize how great a conference is, you need to look at the top.

I was fortunate enough to offer 5 square feet of my hotel floor to Joe last Saturday night. Knowing Joe was going to be mere inches away from me while I slept gave me hope that he would share amazing bed time stories. That was as far from the truth as saying he was well rested for the opening mountain bike weekend. But who needs sleep when you have hundreds of top of the line number plates to prepare, finish your PhD CS Lab, kiss Caitlin Kopena goodbye, and drive 7 hours.

These new number plates take the ECCC from a kids race to World Championship wanabees.
There is no reason for this except that Joe is a master mind at making me feel pro even when I come in last in a B race.

Little did I know Joe was actually doing what everyone else should be doing that is racing in the ECCC. Little did I know he could be racing in the ECCC rather then pushing papers and making mix tapes out of Sully's loud speaker recordings to listen to on his long drives.

See you at UNH...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All good things come to an end.

Today was a sad and exciting day for the cycling world. I'm sure you all know that I am referring to the revealed identity of Bike Snob. One of the greatest things about Bike Snob was his anonymity. Even though it isn't the end, Bike Snob will never be the same.

So I leave you all with a picture of Bike Snob at Whitmore's CX (an ECCC CX event):

Photo: Anthony Skorochod;

Bike Snob "palping" an ironic mustache at Whitmore's CX

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rippin' it up at Ray's

For the second year in a row RIT cycling headed to Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Ohio. Leaving on Friday just after 5 a dinner stop was a must. Pulling off the highway in Erie, PA we saw off to the left “Steak and Lube” From the outside the establishment had promise, with a very unique race car theme going on. Restrooms were cleaverly renamed “Pit-Stops.” After ordering Jake alerted our so happy to be there waitress that it was in fact Brandon’s 19th birthday. For those of you who don’t know he is 24. Sadly the birthday boys order couldn’t be cooked as they had run out…This was a common theme. About 30 minutes after give his request Chris was alerted that his soup was gone was offered some “delicious” chili. For both Lowell and I our burgers turned into salads as the bottom bun broke into piece as we took our first bites. To no surprise the cause of Brian spending a fair amount of time in the bathroom on Saturday could have been the Famous Atomic sauce. And all who tasted the sauce agree it was no where near Atomic. Walking out Brandon and I posed for some pictures with a snowball fight brewed. Without going into to much detail the snow ball fight didn’t end in the parking lot.
Soon enough we made our way to Evan’s parent’s house and entering with amazement of the uniqueness of their house. After enjoying some home made cookies and touring the house we set in for the night with dreams of flying with the bird hitting some booters, as Cam McCaul would say, (Watch Seasons from The Collective). Even without Pete we manage to “Get in the van” on time and be at Ray’s under 15 minutes after they opened. As the adrenaline from just being there wore off all of us new to this style of riding soon discovered that it is in fact a workout. I want thank this chance to thank Evan’s Parent’s for letting us crash at their place Friday night and cooking a 5-star breakfast in the morning. Thank You.
On the ride home we were fortunate enough to enjoy another home cooked meal at Chris’s Parent’s house. Pulling up we soon discovered Chris’s family had horses and we couldn’t leave without seeing them in the barn. I’m not much of an animal person but the four horses were beautiful. I also want to thank Chris’s parents for cooking an amazing meal for the group on such short notice. Thank You. It was delicious!
As for the riding at Rays. It was simple amazing. Anyone pondering taking the trip it is totally worth it. Even if you have never had a wheel off the ground will still get thrills out riding at rays. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you ride dirt jumps/BMX/street etc. you will not be bored. There are jumps of all sizes and other technical riding for any skill level. So make the trip it worth it. I personally am planning on going back and I feel like other are too!