Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mud Bath

With our old, witty blogger gone new members of RIT need to step up. Some people that I, Peter Hagerty, would like to nominate are Adam Rosenberg, James Parascondolvoldas, Amanda Berg, Pat Streeter, and Chris Mondike. I will extend the offer to all of you to at least try one blog for the ECCC. For now, you will have to deal with me, the horrible speller/poor grammerist.

The fall mt bike season went a lot better than I expected. I was planning on using the season as a warm up for cyclocross with mixed results and broken bones. I ended up getting really good results for the effort I put into it. Further more, I encourage everyone to make the most of every chance they get in the ECCC. A win may not be expected to give it your all when ever you can. We are all here to have fun and advance in the sport of cycling so try as hard as you can always.

Making it out of the MTB season without stiches or a cast/sling was beyond words for me. Having 5 stiches in my face the previous season was not the best way to prepare for another season.

Cornell knows how to make it rain. If there was ever a course that didn't need rain it was Cornell's motocross track. After completing the race I realized there wasn't a road section of the course to clear our tires and use your gears. The whole race was in a pit of mud checking to see if there was still air in our tires. The mud was scary because I knew there were rocks down there but I couldn't see through the 1 foot layer of slime. Eventaully getting a flat sucked because wheels are hard to come by for RIT. We scrapped around so much just to get a few working bikes out there. It sucked even more when we had to run to the van to get the needed wheels. Corey realized how bad it sucked by falling more running to and from the van than in his race. Maybe he will invest in a new pair of crocs which have more tracktion or better yet, actual shooooeeeessss!

RIT definitely has to do some new types of recruiting to get a bigger cross contingency. We will not be able to put together a conference winning season with 2 guys. None the less it was great to have 4 guys come that had never raced cross before. It may not have been the best course or conditions to send them out for their inaguarl ride but it was still great to see them give it their all.

I hope this wasn't murder trying to read, but I hope we will have some more pleasent thoughts about ECCC racing to come.

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